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Taking medications for healing purposes is not forbidden in Christianity. Many people suffer from diseases, disorders and illnesses, and while Christians should put their faith and trust in God to heal them, taking medication solely to heal is not out of the question. God has given man knowledge to help treat physical and mental ailments, but when people abuse the knowledge and the medicine God has given them, then that is when a Christian denies his faith in God and His power through Christ Jesus to heal.

The disciple Luke, who was a historian and medical doctor recorded this passage: Luke 5:31 Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Christians should first put their faith in God that He will heal physical and mental weaknesses, but as long as an individual is not abusing the medication for purposes other than its intention, then no wrong is being done.

Taking Medications for Healing Purposes

We cannot deny that there are diseases and illnesses all over the world. In some cases, most health issues can be treated without any medication, but in other cases, medication is necessary in order for people to live a full happy life without their health problems getting in their way of living. For example, some people take medicine for thyroid disorder, allergies, anxiety, headaches, depression, heartburn, the cold, and other physical and mental problems. Other important medications that have been great milestones in "Modern Medicine" and that have save countless lives include: Penicillin, Insulin, Smallpox Vaccine, Salvarsan, HIV drugs, etc... As long as the individual is taking the medication to treat their health issue as prescribed by the physician there is nothing wrong with Christians taking medication to get better.

Chemical Imbalances

Many medications are taken to treat what physicians call chemical imbalances in the brain. Depression, paranoia, post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems are all things that originate in the brain. Medication can help counter the imbalance that causes people to feel panic or distress in certain situations. God did not deny His people to seek medical help because this type of help is needed in order for people not to be a threat to themselves or to others. However, a Christian should realize that God is the Almighty Healer and that He has the ability to heal all diseases and illnesses, whether they are psychological or physical.

Pain as a Mental Disorder

Pain can be experienced in many different ways. People can go through physical pain when they undergo surgery or have the flu. In both cases, physicians prescribe medications to help ease the pain in the individual. This is considered a mental disorder because what one person might consider mild pain another may consider it to be excruciating pain. Only the individual can truly feel the discomfort, and it is the psyche that differentiates the level it experiences. Pain can cause fear, fatigue and negative thoughts. All of these feelings are based in the brain, and only a doctor can prescribe medication to help ease the patient's mind.

Mistreating Medication

Unfortunately, when a Christian starts to rely on doctors and medication more than his or her faith in God, then this is when they begin to deny God of His healing powers and lose faith in what God truly can do. Many fears people face can be healed through their faith in God. When a person takes medications to ignore and hide their fears, then this is when they create problems for themselves and for others. They can be selfish, and it is wrong to not address fears and problems a person has. Disregarding the bigger problem as a whole is not right because the issue will never go away, especially if taking medications just to ignore the real issue and cover it up is what is being done.

Christians should only take medications for the purpose of healing, like to treat chemical imbalances. Medications should never be abused to cover up a larger fear of something. They should only be taken when necessary, but when a person puts their trust and faith in God, then the urge to take medication can be reduced.

In the end, our sovereign God can heal supernaturally, miraculously or through medicine and doctors - whatever His perfect will for us be. We should pray for all of these and put our trust in Christ alone because His ways and thoughts are high above our own thoughts and understandings; Isaiah 55:9.

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