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Should a Christian Take Depression Medication (Antidepressants) or Other Mental Health Medication?

Mental health medication is a subject of controversy for some Christian patients. Millions of people suffer from excruciating mental illness conditions such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. Medical experts have varying theories about the origin of mental health issues. Some specialists believe that mental health issues come from dysfunctional lives, while other professionals believe in the chemical imbalance theory. Such experts believe that a person with a depression has an uncontrollable chemical imbalance that can only be managed with depression medication. Antidepressant medication contains elements that change the chemical makeup of the brain as long as the patient is taking it. Christians are torn about this process. 

Should a Christian Take Depression Medication?

The first thing to review before answering this question is God’s wishes for medication. There is no biblical evidence that the LORD is against his children taking medications. In fact, he has used medication in healing, and he has been accepting of the men and women in the past who have expanded their medicinal knowledge. A Christian who is suffering from depression is not committing a sin by taking antidepressant medication. He or she is only trying to stabilize his or her life. However, there is a time when such a procedure could become ungodly. 

The LORD Is the True Healer

Christian patients who take mental health medication should never forget John 4:14. God is the only one who holds the power and ability to truly heal -- He is Jehovah - Rophe "the LORD Heals"; Exodus 15:26 is where we first hear this name used. The word "rophe" around seventy times in the Old Testament, which always means to: restore, heal or cure as a physician -- the Greatest Physician! Medication should only be used to fortify the sufferer enough to give that person the energy to seek true healing from God. A Christian should not rely on medication as a sole means of healing. There is much more power in the word of God and the faith of religion than one can ever find in a small pill. 

What Is Appropriate Medication Consumption for a Christian? 

To avoid crossing the line to having more faith in a pill than a person has in the Lord, he or she should take the medication on a limited basis and focus on the relationship with God instead. Fully allowing the LORD into one’s heart and soul can alleviate any pain for one of God's children. The medication should only serve as a temporary stabilizer. A person who keeps God close to his or her heart will not need medication once that relationship has been nourished fully.

Trust in Christ and Pray

God has the power to heal people and perform miracles. A true believer in Christ must believe in his power as stated in Matthew 9:22. Mentally ill people can cast all of their fears upon God because God will diminish all fears through His perfect love for us. A depressed person need not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. A mentally ill person can find a wide variety of inspirational verses in the Bible. Some of the most common verses about God and the relationship he has with his children are as follows: 1 Peter 5:7; 2 Peter 1:3-4; 1 John 1:9; 4:18-19 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Corinthians 10:5; Philippians 4:4-9; Colossians 3:1-2; 2 Timothy 1:6-8; Hebrews 13:5-6; James 1:2-4; Proverbs 29:25; Matthew 6:34; John 8:32; and Romans 8:28-39. God is the hand that heals all wounds. It is acceptable for a Christian to take mental health medication, but he or she must not rely on it more than he must or she relies on the LORD.

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