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Empower Yourself - Spend Less. Save More.

IT'S NO SECRET that prescription drug costs are out of control in the United States. Since 2000, drug costs have risen by an average of 10 percent every year — more than three times the rate of inflation during this period. Today, Americans pay more for their medications than the citizens of any developed country in the world

The unfortunate—and sometimes tragic—results of skyrocketing drug prices include consumers forgoing needed medications because they simple can't afford them. This is particularly evident in today’s struggling economy. As a Kmart pharmacist told a reporter for a New York newspaper: “They come in, they get a price and they say, ‘Forget it!’

The problem of high drug prices most directly affects 65 million Americans who don’t have prescription drug insurance. But even those Americans who have insurance are seeing co-pays and coverage gaps increase dramatically — pushing many to the financial breaking point when an unexpected health catastrophe strikes. Medical crises, in fact, are the No. 1 cause of family bankruptcies in the U.S. Says one health-policy analyst: “It gets to the fundamental question of ‘What is insurance, anyway?” 


We can’t wait for our government to bail us out of this predicament. We can't expect our employers or insurance providers to come to our aid, either. The key to paying lower prices for you medications—prices you can afford—is to empower yourself. Become a savvy consumer. Be an opportunistic consumer. 

Learn how to . . . 

Spend less. Save More. 

eDrugSearch will be your guide to various strategies and resources that can slice hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars from your prescription drug expenses each year.

We hope that our website and online health community will make maintaining your health less of a financial burden.

Cary Byrd

Cary Byrd is the president and founder of, price comparison engine for prescription drugs that enables consumers to get safe access to affordable medications. also provides a free Christian health community that allows patients to learn more about an illness, seek and offer support, pray for one another, save money and connect with other patients and caregivers alike.

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