Marlena Stoddard posted a blog post
Patient care today is better than it’s ever been thanks to the growing focus on emotional intelligence and patient education. Despite all of our advances, however, there are all new challenges to patient protection surfacing every day. Fast access t…
Aug 4, 2017
Marlena Stoddard posted a blog post
Coffee has quickly become the go-to morning caffeine fix for many Americans. Sure, it wakes you up and gets you going, but that boost of energy only lasts for a little while. Then, as it wears off, a mid-morning crash occurs, which leaves a person f…
Aug 5, 2016
Marlena Stoddard posted a blog post
Finding a doctor you trust can be a challenge. Sharing personal details about your body with a stranger can make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Most people don't feel comfortable placing that trust in a random person just because they have a…
Jun 27, 2016

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