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Top 4 Signs of a Doctor You Can Trust

Finding a doctor you trust can be a challenge. Sharing personal details about your body with a stranger can make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Most people don't feel comfortable placing that trust in a random person just because they have a medical practice. Fortunately there are a few signs that can indicate whether or not the doctor you've selected is someone you want to place your trust in. 

Eye Contact

Eye contact is a key feature of positive communication between you and your doctor. Eye contact indicates attentiveness and concern. If your doctor is constantly glancing at the clock, then their primary focus is another engagement and not your health. If they only ever look at your chart, then they're cheating you out of personalized care, and may miss something they would have noticed by paying attention to you. You don't want waste your time going into intimate details about your body to someone who is only half-listening. 

Asking Questions

A good doctor will ask questions to find information that their patients may not think to share. Patients who have never gone to medical school may not be able to describe certain symptoms or they might omit a small detail that might be relevant. A trustworthy doctor will realize this and make it easy for the patient to be forthcoming with details about their symptoms. Asking plenty of questions is a sign that your doctor cares enough to want to get an informed picture of your overall health. 

Being Licensed

Every practicing doctor is legally required to be licensed. These laws vary depending on what state you're in, but it generally involves registering with their state's medical board and paying a fee. These licenses need to be renewed regularly, but there are some doctors that don't. This could be because they want to avoid paying the renewal fee or because they prescribe too many controlled substances and don't want to face a medical review board. A trustworthy doctor will make sure to update their license regularly so that their patients aren't inconvenienced. To verify if certain healthcare providers have their licensing in order, many organizations will use a WebID practitioner license verification system. If you have any doubts about a practitioner’s licensing status, contact your local authorities.

The Atmosphere of Their Office

If you want to gauge the quality of care that you'll receive from a doctor, then take a look at their office staff. A trustworthy doctor will treat his employees with respect for their needs and concern for their well-being. The efficiency and attitudes of the employees are often reflections of the doctor. 

If you don't know how to go about finding a doctor who encompasses these qualities, then do a trial run. Don't wait until you're sick to go to the doctor. Schedule a general check-up with a prospective doctor and look for these features during that appointment. If you feel comfortable that they are competent in their abilities, genuinely concerned for their patients' welfare, and up to date on their paperwork, then you will most likely feel comfortable going to them with serious health concerns.


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